The city of Fez is a jewel of Spanish-Arabic civilisation. Fez is the countryís ancient political and administrative capita, and remains as its religious and intellectual centre. lFez does not reveal its secrets easily. It has a secretive, shadowy presence, and itís secrets need to be discovered gradually with reverence for the past.

It has the largest Medina of the Arab world, which make the labyrinths of Marrakech look tame, and bustles with captivating sounds, fragrances and colours. The absence of bikes and mopeds make the Medina quiet although here the danger is galloping mules. Itís sloping hills provide a magnificent backdrop for photographs which encapsulate the life of a time gone past. It is near to Meknes and the ancient roman town of Volubilis.

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Ryad Mabrouka
Riad Jaouhara
View from Terrace
Riad Tizwa Fes
Fountain at Night
Riad Ibn Battouta
Terrace Lounges
Dar 47